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If you would like information on any of the following cats and are interested in adopting, please call 716-648-0315.
Female - 3 years old

Ellie was Mom to 3 kittens born last year.  They have all found their forever homes, and now Ellie is looking to find her forever home.

Did you know that black cats are the hardest to adopt out from animal shelters?  We are usually drawn to cats of color and cats with markings while black cats go unnoticed.

People also often think of superstitions regarding black cats, but if you have ever had a black cat or know someone who has, they are just as cute and adorable as any other cat.

Please give us a second look!

We would love to find our forever home!

Here we are..You found us!
We are patiently waiting for our forever home.
We were rescued and kept safely inside, instead of on the run with no place to hide.
We're not as tiny as we once used to be, but that only means more of us to see.
We are very good to lend an ear, if you promise to keep us near.
Of course we still like to play, contrary to what some may say.
And what a truly beautiful sound,
when a forever home has been found!
This page was last updated: September 29, 2017
Female - 2 years old
Black with orange eyes

Silky is a very nice cat with the mot beautiful eyes.  

Female - 2 years old
Sable Tortoise

Blue is the Mom of Peaches, Luna, Stella, and Sophie.
She is a very nice cat and loves attention. 

Female - 4 1/2 years old

Male 6 years old

Pumpkin is looking for his forever home.  Pumpkin was born on 6/26/11 (just celebrated his birthday) and is FIV positive.  We have information on FIV.  We would be happy to explain and answer any questions you may have. 

Pumpkin is such a sweet cat.  He is also a lap cat and a good listener.  

If you are interested in adopting Pumpkin, please call Elaine at 716-549-4476.

Female - 4 years old
Black / White

Carleen is looking for her forever home.  She was born on 7/5/13 (we just celebrated her birthday!)She is a very nice cat and great companion.  If you are interested in adopting, please call Elaine at 716-549-4476.

1 year 2 months.
Stella has been with us for a year and is still
looking for her forever home!  She is a petite cat and a cutie!
Black with white top on tail!