Piece of Heaven Kitten Adoption is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit, no kill organization formed to reduce the feral cat population in Western New York.  

Our Volunteers are passionate and dedicated in providing proper medical care, good nutrition and a safe loving foster home.  They reside there until they are placed in a lifetime home with a responsible family or individual and continue to get the love and care they so richly deserve.

It is our commitment to save as many lives as we can and to prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering these cats would otherwise endure, being left cold, homeless, hungry, scared and forgotten.
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   Piece of Heaven Kitten Rescue
100% of all donations and funding from events go to the care and maintenance of our rescues.
Welcome to our web site.  Be sure to stop back often for kittens and cats available for adoption and fund raising events.   Thank you for visiting!
This page was last updated: October 18, 2016
All kittens/cats have been spayed/neutered.  Also includes free vet visit, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, flea treatment, deworming and have tested negative for FELV, FIV.

Thank you to everyone who visited our website waiting for Emilia to give birth and watching the kittens grow week to week.  Emilia was such a great Mom and we were all thankful she was able to have her kittens safe inside.  Emilia came to Piece of Heaven on 4/4/13 just days before her delivery of five beautiful kittens.

Emilia's kittens - all born 4/9/13
Emilia's Story........
We received these four kittens at just one day old on 4/3/14.  With around the clock care, the kittens have done so well.  We have watched them open their eyes, start to crawl, learn to play and investigate their foster home.  We are happy to say they have all been adopted to their forever homes!
When you see a moment like this, you hope to have a camera handy!
Thank you to Laura, who rescued these two 6 week old kittens tonight just as the snow storm was starting.       11/17/14
Thank you to our foster homes!
Some memorable stories!

11/21/14.  We are so thankful these kittens were not left out in this storm.  Due to the timing of their arrival at the beginning of the storm, we are going to name them Anna and Kristoff (Frozen characters, Thank you Lauren!).
The kittens are doing very well.  They are steadily gaining weight, and getting used to their foster home. 
By 8:30 p.m. the kittens were getting settled at their foster home, snuggled in blankets with plenty of food and water, while the heavy snow continued.  Thank you Laura!
The start of the storm on Monday, November 17th at 11:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 18th.
 The November 2014 Storm kittens!
11/28/14:  Anna and Kristoff are doing very well.  It will be two weeks Monday since they were rescued!
Interested in adopting?  

Please stop by and see us at the following adoption center locations:

PetSmart Quaker Crossing 12-3
Saturday, October 22nd

PetSmart Quaker Crossing 12-3
Saturday, October 29th

If you are interested in any of the older kittens on the website or an adult cat, please call us and we can arrange to have you meet them! 
12/6/14:  Anna and Kristoff are 9 weeks old.  They are enjoying their time in their foster home with other kittens.
12/17/14:  The kittens are now just about 11 weeks old.  They seldom can be seen apart.  They are doing very well and we will be planning vet visits for spaying and neutering shortly.
Thank you to our event volunteers!
We would like to acknowledge the many animal lovers out there, behind the scenes, who rescue kittens and cats abandoned outside, and take them into their own homes and get them the care needed.
Thank you for not looking away.

Our first kittens of 2016 arrived 4/1/16!
Pictures of any new arrivals will be posted as soon as possible on the
​ "Foster Home" page.
Thank you again to our fosters, they are awesome!! Thank you for the great pictures!!
Thank you for not looking away.....

We would like to share this story of Toby. A person was walking down the street on July 17th in the area, and saw something in the road ahead. Crows had started to circle in the air above.  As the person got closer, he found a baby kitten, it appeared just hours old.  
This person picked up the little kitten and took it home to find immediate help.  Our group received the call and we thankfully had a foster ready to help.
Our foster Mom took over, preparing replacement milk right away and getting a safe warm place for the kitten. 

A slight sigh of relief, his body temperature was good and the kitten starting taking the bottle.  We at least have a chance to save him.  The foster Mom would feed him every 2-3 hours while keeping him warm.  He was  named Toby.
Toby has continued to take the bottle well and is steadily gaining ounces.  Here are pictures on 7/29, 8/5 and 8/16.  Toby is doing well, but as with any kitten, this is a critical time.
Thank you to the person that found little Toby and took the time and saved him from certain death.
  Thank you to his foster Mom, who cares for him around the clock.